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Hello and thanks for visiting. I’m a chef, writer, gardener, forager and mother that has found peace and deep healing through Ayurveda. Strong connections are very important to me- with family, friends and my community. I’m at my happiest out in nature. I find real joy early morning in my clients gardens and exploring deep in these Vermont woods. My trips to the shore and to France ground me other ways that feel essential to my personal balance. Though I no longer cook professionally, what gives me real pleasure is to cook my foraged treasure for the people I love. My gardening internship in England changed the way I tend the earth for myself and has inspired and encouraged my work for clients. I find the connection of how we look after our environment and our bodies a fascinating one and am interested and so often amazed by my clients growth and healing when Ayurvedic principles resonate and become part of a healthy routine. Simple daily practice has radically changed my own life in so many ways. 


I lead workshops on the basics of Ayurveda and also do private consulting. I also give talks and workshops on foraging here in southern Vermont. I write about the natural world and often my experiences in it. I'm lucky enough to tend some of the most beautiful gardens in our area. The garden world is a small one in this country and I've been fortunate enough to meet and work with some extraordinary gardeners who continue to be extremely generous with their time and knowledge.


I'm excited to share that a garden I work in partnership with my friend and incredible plantsperson Helen O'Donnell will be featured in Gardens illustrated and Martha Stewart magazine next year.


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